Technical infrastructure

We believe that success in the Information Technologies sector does not come from luck.

We constantly keep our strong infrastructure up-to-date to deliver a great service experience.

You can reach our infrastructure values and technologies, from which we draw our strength, below.

Innovation brings maximum power to everyone.

Our Infrastructure Tuned for Optimum Performance

Latest Generation Physical Servers

Our infrastructure includes 500+ next generation corporate Physical Servers created by DELL, HP and HUAWEI brands.

Enterprise Storage Infrastructure

We create a secure and performance storage infrastructure with 100% Enterprise SSD Storage systems that we use in our services.

Powerful Processors and Memory

Our entire hardware infrastructure is the latest generation. Intel XEON E5, Gold and Platinum model processors. It consists of DDR4 protocol memory.

Wide Line Capacity

The data centers where our locations are located have the largest line capacities of their location. This means that we have a very large traffic width.

High Output Rate

All of our servers we serve are connected to our network infrastructure with high output speed. Our total domestic and international output speed is 2 X 40 Gbps.

Powerful Network Devices

All devices in our network are provider-sized. It consists of 100% redundant system connected to Juniper EX4300 models as hardware infrastructure. Also, Juniper MX204 is used in our backbone.

Fully Redundant Electricity

The foundation of our energy infrastructure is supported by N+1 UPS and N+1 Generators. There is also a spare 96 hours full capacity fuel tank.

Energy Power

We provide the energy we need from the medium voltage line as a backup. Our data center is fed with a total of 3.2 MW electrical power from its own transformers.

Power Redundancy

Depending on our N+1 A+B fully redundant power line with UPS/PDU layout, we have a 99.9% HSS uptime rate.

Licensed Control Panels

We use the most advanced software based on the strongest infrastructure for our users. All the software we use in our company is licensed.

Hosting Control Panels

All the hosting control panels we use are licensed. We use cPanel for Linux and PLESK for Windows.

Web Servers and Plugins

We use add-ons such as LiteSpeed as a web server, CloudLinux as an operating system, anti-phishing and spam filters.


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