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Add-ons and features we provide for free for your great domain management experience.

Advanced DNS Management

You can update the Name servers from your domain management panel and easily manage your DNS Records.

Nameserver Management

You can create a Nameserver from your domain management panel and direct it to your own nameserver.

Free Security Locks

You can prevent your domain service from being transferred to a different company with our free security locks.

WHOIS Protection

You can hide your identity in advanced form with our Whois protection service. Remember, your identity is nobody's business but us. 🙂

Free Internal Transfer

You can easily transfer your domain service to another customer, free of charge, under certain conditions.

Sub-User Management

You can add sub-users to manage your domain services, you can edit the access authority in detail.

What can be done with a great domain?

Build Your Website

The first step in setting up a website is to register a domain. Then you can create your amazing website by connecting it to your hosting service.

Create a Corporate Email

You can create your corporate email addresses by registering a domain. For example [email protected]

Secure Your Website

We know that security is not easy in the internet world, with SSL Certificates you will take one of the first steps for the security of your website.

Benefit From Campaigns

Most of the time, we like to announce campaigns from time to time, by following our opportunities, you can take advantage of the relevant advantages and be more profitable than ever before.

Protect Your Identity

You can hide your identity in advanced form with our Whois protection service. Remember, your identity is nobody's business but us. 🙂

Convert to Investment

For most investors and engineers, the most important element of a website is the domain name. You can register your dream domain name and attract the attention of investors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Before you can own a website, you must first register a domain name. You can think of Domain Name Registration as a trademark registration service. The registration service ensures that the domain name for which you have purchased the rights for a certain period is registered in your name during the period of use and that it is not used by other people.

The most common domain name extensions in the world can be listed as com, net and org, respectively. However, registering only the .com version for the domain name you want to register the domain may create an objectionable situation for your brand or website in the future. Someone else can register and use extensions that you have not registered, even if this is not an intentional situation, it may be inconvenient for your brand.

To give an example of this situation, only when you register address, someone else can register and another user can register and actively use addresses. Especially since domains with generic extensions such as com net org are registered with the principle of first come first serve, you will no longer be able to claim any rights on these domain names.

Therefore, when registering a domain name, it is recommended that you register all commonly used extensions together as a group, such as your your, if available.

Of course, you can perform all the operations related to domain services by using the wonderful domain management system in your customer panel.

For payments made by credit card, your order is confirmed instantly, payments made by wire transfer are confirmed after your payment is confirmed by the operator. Remittance orders are confirmed by checking our bank accounts during working hours on weekdays (Monday 09:00 – Friday 17:30).

We send reminder messages via services such as sms and e-mail when the registration period of your domain name is close to the end.

After the registration period of your domain name ends, it enters the renewal and recovery period, respectively. If you do not renew/recover your domain name during these periods, your right on the domain name will be lost and your domain name may be registered by third parties.

Of course, you can provide the relevant transactions through the domain management panel when ordering or after ordering.

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