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Domain Transfer Stages

Preparation Phase

Disable transfer lock from your current company, get epp code and remove whois if you have any.

Order Stage

Start your Transfer Order from us with the Epp Code (AuthCode) you received from the old company.

Approval Phase

If your order is successful, a confirmation message will be sent to your e-mail address. Confirm the transaction.

Transfer Phase

At the end of all these processes, you will have to wait an average of 5-7 days. The transfer will be completed at the end of the approval period.

Free Domain Services

Plugins and features we provide for a great domain management experience.

Advanced DNS Management

You can update the Name servers from your domain management panel and easily manage your DNS Records.

Nameserver Management

You can create a Nameserver from your domain management panel and direct it to your own nameserver.

Free Security Locks

You can prevent your domain service from being transferred to a different company with our free security locks.

WHOIS Protection

You can hide your identity in advanced form with our Whois protection service. Remember, your identity is nobody's business but us. 🙂

Free Internal Transfer

You can easily transfer your domain service to another customer, free of charge, under certain conditions.

Sub-User Management

You can add sub-users to manage your domain services, you can edit the access authority in detail.

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Prices are valid for the first year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Domain Transfer is the service of transferring the service you receive from any existing company to another company. You can transfer your Domain Name to DC HOST at the most affordable prices.

Generally yes; After transferring your domain name, its duration is extended by +1 year.

Footnote: Domain names renewed in the last 45 days are not renewed when transferred.

You can get a refund if your domain name transfer fails. Unfortunately, there are no refunds for successful transfers.

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